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NCLL NEWS January/February 2018
posted 01/25/2018


January/February 2018

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President's Message
Baseball is almost here! Opening day is March 17th so mark your calendars. January is one of the busiest months of the season for the NCLL Board of Directors.  During this time we are finalizing registrations, recruiting managers, conducting tryouts, and attending our coaching clinic. In addition we form teams and have a coach’s meeting to go over NCLL rules and regulations. It is a busy, but exciting time.
We’re still looking to recruit players for farm and tee ball. Players that turn 4 years old by 8/31/18 are eligible to play so spread the word! Practices will start in early February so expect to be contacted from your managers very soon. Tee ball teams won’t be formed for a couple more weeks as we are still getting several registrations at that level and haven’t yet finalized the number of teams. Looking forward to seeing all the NCLL players out at the field soon. 
2018 NCLL Divisions and Managers:
Juniors - 3 teams (managers: Dave de Jong, Joel Obie, and Tony Anderson)
Majors - 5 teams (managers: Joe O’Brien, Julio Amaya, Mike Tosatado, Pat Smith, and Paul Arias)
Minor A - 4 teams (managers: Dave Borghi, Joe Kozocas, John ten Bosch, and Mike Dickenson)
Minor B - 4 teams (managers: Chris Tabish, Eddie Tostado, Kyle Anderson, and Marcony Fonseca)
Farm – 3 teams (managers: Amanda Lindahl, Jeff Marks, and Matt Snelson)
Tee ball – 2 or 3 teams (managers: Amy Contreras, Christina Cortese, and TBD)

- John ten Bosch, President
NCLL Umpires – The Third Team on the Field
There is the home team, and the visiting team, and . . . the umpire team.  We want you to be a part of it! 
DID YOU KNOW Every team (at every level) is assigned games to work as base umpires.  Home plate umpires are assigned by the league from a group of NCLL, District and other plate umpires.
Managers, coaches, parents, teenagers are all invited to base umpire games.  (And if you are interested in getting behind the plate, that’s great too!).
Many volunteers are hesitant to step on the field and umpire.  Usually, volunteers feel more comfortable if they know where to stand and how to make the call.  We have a lot of great clinics to help you with learning! 
NCLL is a member of Little League District 14.  The District-level umpires are fantastic umpires and instructors.  The District and NCLL hold great clinics for new and experienced umpires.  The friendly instructors have taught clinics at the local, sectional and regional levels. The clinics are open to all managers, coaches, parents and kids 12 and older.
For the clinics, wear cleats or sneakers (and know they’ll get dirty), a hat, and athletic-type clothes.  Bring sunscreen and water. 
If you want to plate umpire, let us know.  We have NCLL gear to share (except a cup.  That is all on you). 
Questions about anything umpire related?  Email or text Jeanine DeBacker ( ) or text (510.499.7051)!
Click here for more information:
NCLL Blue Crew
Upcoming umpire training
Rules Clinic.  On February 3 from 8AM to 3PM, the District umpires hold a Rules Clinic at Snow Elementary.  Everyone is invited.  You’ll get a rule book and walk out with a deeper understanding of the Little League Rules that apply to the different levels of play.   You don’t need to pre-register, and this clinic is free. 
70’/90’ Field Mechanics.  On February 10 and 11 there will be a clinic run by District 52 in Danville (at Sycamore Valley Park) from 8 AM to 5 PM.  This clinic is for volunteers who have already attended the Beginning Umpire Base Mechanics clinic (or umpired in the past) and want to learn the unique aspects of umpiring on the “big” fields (for the Intermediate, Junior and Senior levels).  This clinic requires pre-registration, and a fee. (NCLL will reimburse the fee if you attend both days AND you base or plate umpire some games on the big field!)
Beginning Umpire Base Mechanics.   On February 11 from 8 Am to 2 PM there will be a fantastic clinic at  Warm Springs Little League. This clinic is run by District umpires – many of whom have worked Regional and World Series games, have instructed at a variety of clinics, and are eager to welcome you to the group and share their knowledge.  The clinic is focused solely on Base umpiring – where to stand, how to work with a partner, etc.  You don’t need to pre-register. The clinic is free and lunch is provided.
NCLL Junior Umpire and Adult Mini Clinic.  On March 4 from 1 PM to 4PM the NCLL umpires will be giving a “mini” base umpiring clinic at the NCLL fields.  All players (or kids over age 12) who wish to be junior umpires for the 2018 season must attend the clinic (even if they have attended before).  And any adults who wish to participate and could not attend the District run clinics are welcome to attend!  The clinic is free and you don’t need to pre-register. 
Advance Umpire Mechanics. Finally, oMarch 9 – 11, the Little League Western Region is conducting an Advance Outreach Umpire clinic.  Friday evening, there is a classroom session at Snow Elementary.  Saturday and Sundayare on the field at Newark Memorial High School.  The instructors are from the Western Region in San Bernardino and this clinic is just wonderful.  This clinic requires pre-registration, and a fee. (NCLL will reimburse the fee if you all sessions).  To register or get more information, you can click here:
In memoriam:
Erik Conrad Kaelin
February 10, 1971 - December 21, 2017
Born in Fremont, California
Resided in Fremont, California
The NCLL community suffered a devastating loss this winter. Erik Kaelin was a proud father who committed many hours to making our league what it is. Whether it was by helping with a facilities project or by cheering on each & every player, Erik was a positive presence at the fields & he will be dearly missed.
Honoring Erik Kaelin
If you'd like to support his family, please follow this link to the fundraiser set up in his honor.
GoFundMe : Erik Kaelin
February 3rd, 2018  - Rules Clinic @ Snow Elementary in Newark @ 6580 Mirabeau Dr, Newark, CA 94560
8:00am - 3:00pm

Saturday and Sunday February 10 & 11, 2018: 70’/90’ Base Mechanics

Sunday, February 11, 2018: Beginning Umpire Base Mechanics Clinic
8am – 2:30pm @ Warm Springs Little League

February 24, 2018 - Field Work Day @ NCLL Fields / Used Equipment exchange

Sunday, March 4, 2017: Junior Umpire Clinic / Adult Mini date
1pm – 4pm Location @ Niles-Centerville Little League

March 4th, 2018Scorekeepers Clinic: 5:00pm - Minor A and up

March 6th, 2018 - Scorekeepers Clinic: 6:00pm - Farm and Minor B

Friday, March 9, 2018 – Sunday, March 11, 2018: Advanced Umpire Mechanics

March 17, 2018 - Opening Day

April 15th, 2018 - Pictures/Hit-A-Thon
2017-2018 Board
President - John ten Bosch
Vice President of Operations - Tracy de Jong
Vice President of Facilities - Jim Nelson
Vice President of Coaching - Paul Arias
Secretary - Marcelle Kozocas
Treasurer - Mike Tostado
Snack Shack/Auxiliary - Elaina ten Bosch
Safety Officer- Laurie Anderson
Umpire in Chief - Jeanine Debacker
Player Agent - Juniors & 50/70 - Joe Kozocas
Player Agent - Majors - Terri Beccaria
Player Agent - Minors - Julio Amaya
Player Agent - Farm & T-Ball - Eddie Tostado
Equipment - Joel Obie & Marcony Fonseca
IT - Jason Letke
Scorekeeping - Joe O'Brien
Field Manager - Wally Grivois

Newsletter - Sara Karrick
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Honoring Erik Kaelin
posted 01/18/2018

The NCLL community suffered a devastating loss this winter. Erik Kaelin was a proud father who committed many hours to making our league what it is. Whether it was by helping with a facilities project or by cheering on each & every player, Erik was a positive presence at the fields & he will be dearly missed.

If you'd like to support his family, please see the fundraiser linked here set up in his honor.

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2018 Little League Western Region Outreach Umpire Clinic
posted 01/18/2018

2018 Little League Western Region Outreach Umpire Clinic

by CA District 14

Click HERE for tickets ($40)


This weekend clinic will emphasize base and plate mechanics on the 60-foot diamond. These mechanics will be taught to umpires of every level of skill and experience. With an eye towards introducing new skills, removing some of the rust as the season approaches and honing current skills, attendees will be able to take this training information back to their local leagues and share it with fellow umpires.

Clinic Dates:

Day 1 - Friday, March 9, 2018, 7:00pm to 9:30pm at HA Snow Elementary, 6580 Mirabeau Dr., Newark, CA

Day 2 - Saturday, March 10, 2018, 8:30am to 4:30pm at Newark Junior High, 6201 Lafayette Ave, Newark, CA

Day 3 - Sunday, March 11, 2018, 8:30am to 12:30pm at Newark Junior High, 6201 Lafayette Ave, Newark, CA

Clinic Needs:

1. Comfortable clothing and shoes to participate in field drills

2. Umpire Plate Gear and Athletic Supporter with Cup

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Rob McCarthy at or 510-207-8789



Newark Junior High School

6201 Lafayette Ave

Newark, CA 94560

View Map


Refunds up to 7 days before event

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